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Types of Trees That Grow Well in Santa Fe

Trees play an important role in enhancing the beauty of any landscape. They offer numerous benefits such as providing shade, improving air quality, and offering habitat plus food for wildlife. With so many trees available, finding the right tree for your home or business can feel like a challenge. 

Fortunately, if you own a home or business in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there are several tree species that thrive in this desert environment. Blue Spruce, Cottonwood, Pine, and Juniper trees are some popular choices and each offers its own unique advantages. It's essential to conduct research to determine which tree will best suit your needs and preferences.

If you're still unsure about which tree to choose, you can create a desert oasis by planting a variety of trees, each offering their own unique benefits and beauty. Contact a certified arborist to guide you in tree selections for your Santa Fe home or business. 

​Below are some trees that generally grow well in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Arizona Ash

Austrian Pine

Bur Oak


Chinese Pistache

Desert Willow

Honey Mesquite

Japanese Zelkova

London Plane

Russian Olive

Texas Red Oak

Thornless Honeylocust

Velvet Mesquite

It's important to note that the success of these trees also depends on factors such as soil type, water availability, and sunlight. Consulting with a local arborist can help you choose the best tree for your specific location.


Tree Removal in Santa Fe

Tree Removal Santa Fe

We have the skills, equipment, and experience to take your old tree down safely!  Call us today to get a free estimate on Santa Fe Tree Removal!

Certified Arborists Santa Fe

It's essential to hire a certified arborist for your tree care needs. At American Tree Removal, our team is composed of ISA board-certified arborists, who have extensive knowledge and expertise in planning for the long-term care of trees. If you are looking for recommendations for the removal of a dead, diseased, or dying tree at your Santa Fe home or business, contact the certified arborists at American Tree Removal!

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